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Japan implements compulsory certification for all equipment that needs to be connected to the telecommunications network. The”電気通信事業法” is the legal name in Japan. The same name have Japan JATE certification and Japanese TBL certification,Japan Telecommunications Law.

All 2G\3G\4G\5G\NB-IOT\CAT.M products compulsory application Japan Telecommunications Law certificate.For devices that access the network indirectly, they also need to the JATE certification compulsory certification. Such products are Bluetooth headsets and wifi products.

The Japan Telecommunications Law Certification testing cases is signaling interaction, and TELEC certification is testing radio frequency.


The above is a basic introduction to the Japan Telecommunications Law Certification. In addition, Japan Telecommunications Law Certification logo, label, ID number, shell packaging, etc. are also key details that are easily overlooked . These key details need do well to avoid the risk of products being removed from the shelves after receiving the certificate.


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