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Now more and more computers, tablets, cars, mobile phones, smart home, sports equipment, audio and video equipment have Bluetooth function. Everywhere, pairing is more and more simple and security is also constantly improving. It has become a communication technology that often used in life and work.

How to make Bluetooth products meet the technical specifications and obtain the authorization of using Bluetooth SIG logo? The answer is you need to finish the Bluetooth BQB certification.

 How to get Bluetooth BQB certification?
 ( 1 ) Become a member of Bluetooth SIG.

Deeplight can help customers to register Bluetooth SIG member.

 ( 2 ) Testing product.

Deeplight has a lot of experience testing all Bluetooth products from end products to chips.

(3)Pay DID fee to Bluetooth SIG.

One DID cost 9,600 USD for an Adopter member and for Associate member, one DID cost 4,800 USD.

 ( 4 ) Submit Documents to Bluetooth SIG.

 ( 5 ) Finish product listing.

After finish the listing, you can get the BQB certificate,and you can search company name\product name\model name listing in Bluetooth official website. At this time, you can do the shipping, customs clearance and then sell in the market.

Deeplight is proficient in BQB certification, including certification process, testing profile and RF. With more than ten years of testing experience, we can assist customers finish BQB certification quickly.       Whatsapp: +86-13266518903     

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