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1. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI consists of 15 numbers (English letters). Its identifiable range is the only one in the world. One phone has one code. When the mobile phone is produced, it is given an IMEI. IMEI is composed of 15 digits, each digit only uses digits from 0 to 9, its composition is:


(1) The first 6 digits (TAC, Type Approval Code) are the "model approval number", which generally represents the model. TAC is assigned by the European Type Certification Center


(2) The next 2 digits (FAC, Final Assembly Code) is the "Final Assembly Code", which generally represents the place of production.


(3) The next 6 digits (SNR, Serial Number, factory serial number) are "serial number", which generally represents the production serial number.


(4) The last digit (SP) is usually "0", which is the check code and is reserved.




2. MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) is the identification code of a CDMA mobile phone, and it is also a unique identification code for each CDMA mobile phone or communication tablet.


3.The difference between IMEI and MEID, IMEI code is mainly used for GSM/TDSCDMA/WCDMA mobile phones.       Whatsapp: +86-13266518903     

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