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MAC (OUI) address request service


WiFi wireless products, Bluetooth products, network cards, routers and other manufacturers need to apply for a unique MAC address for their products and download it into their products. When the use of their applied MAC address reaches 95%, they can apply for the next address. Each independent MAC address is also the only address in the world.


1.The MAC address is 48 bits (6 bytes) long and consists of hexadecimal digits, which are divided into the first 24 bits and the last 24 bits.


(1) The first 24 bits are called the Organization Unique Identifier (OUI), which is a code assigned by the IEEE registration authority to different manufacturers to distinguish different manufacturers.


(2) The last 24 bits are assigned by the manufacturer, called extended identifiers, and download into each device.


(3) MAC address (Bluetooth device address and network card address) = OUI  (the first 3 bytes) + extension identifier (the last 3 bytes allocated by the manufacturer).


2.There are three MAC allocation methods.


(1) MAC Address Block Large (MA-L)


The first one is often used. The advantage is that the address is the most. A 24 bit (3 bytes) oui will be allocated, and the remaining 24 bits will be equipped with a full MAC address. About 2 * 24 (24 power of 2, 16777216, about 16 million addresses) can be used. The cost is as follows.




(2) MAC Address Block Medium (MA-M)


The number of addresses belongs to the middle position among the three types. The first 28 bits are fixedly allocated. A 24-bit OUI is no longer allocated to a specific company. The manufacturer can extend the next 20-bit address, all of which are 2*20 (2 20th power, 1048576, about 1 million addresses) can be used, the cost is as follows.




(3) MAC Address Block Small (MA-S)


This is the least expensive and least expensive address in the three allocation methods. The first 36 bits are fixedly allocated. Manufacturers can extend the following 12-bit addresses, all of which are 2*12 (2 to the 12th power, 4096 addresses). Use, the cost is as follows.



The application situation depends on the actual needs of the manufacturer. If the number of addresses required is not large, you can consider applying for MA-M or MA-S, which will cost less, and the addresses can be fully used without waste.


However, please note that the MAC address application fee will change frequently. Please pay according to the latest fee. For more information, please contact Deeplight to apply for the MAC address.       Whatsapp: +86-13266518903     

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