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Deeplight wireless products RF radio frequency testing service



Wireless products test items include electromagnetic compatibility EMC test, RF radio frequency test, safety test, SAR test, etc. Among them, RF test is one of the important test areas, and the test cases is relatively large.


We introduce the RF test content of BT\WIFI\GSM\WCDMA products.


(1) Bluetooth and Wifi product RF testing (spectrum analyzer, simulated base station, power splitter, attenuator)




(2) GSM RF test (spectrum analyzer, simulated base station, power splitter, attenuator)



(3) WCDMA FCC RF test (spectrum analyzer, simulated base station, power divider, attenuator)




Deeplight Technology Advantages:


1)We more than ten years of experience in handling PTCRB\GCF\JATE\BQB\Telec\JATE\LoRa\FCC\SAR\RF\OTA\EMC...product certification and testing, and the engineering project team can professional and quickly deal with such projects.

2)Deeplight has helped many listed companies successfully complete certification.

3)Our quotation will be preferential.

4)Our professional engineering project team can provide nanny service and effective communication.

5)Feedback the testing process in time to let customers know the progress of the project, and is critical path to hold the project progress well.


Our skilled engineering project team can provide the recommending measures for test fail. 

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