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Deeplight Technology Co.,Ltd


Our philosophy:  


Make the best of everything.

Choose what is good and hold fast to it.


Deeplight Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2015, the registered capital is 10,000,000 CNY,located in Shenzhen China where technology enterprises gather.

Deeplight is committed to providing unique technical services in niche testing and certification fields with subdivision, high specialization and rich experience requirements.


The engineer team started in 2005 and has more than ten years of work experience. Deeplight has provided technical services to many well-known listed companies in the world and assisted them in completing testing and certification projects.


Our unique business includes


1. PTCRB certification and GCF certification services

The products mainly cover 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G / NB-IOT / CAT. M wireless cellular products.


2. Testing and certification of Operators Certification

Such as AT&T, Verizon, KDDI, T-Mobile, Vodafone, etc.


3. Alliance testing certification.

Bluetooth chip BQB certification, Bluetooth protocol BQB certification, LoRa Wan alliance certification, WiFi alliance certification, HDMI alliance certification, ZigBee alliance certification, etc.


4. National regulatory testing and certification.

Japan mic / jate / telec / PSE certification, China SRRC / CTA / CCC certification, Brazil Anatel certification, etc.


5. Enterprise testing certification.

Huawei Hilink certification, Google GMS certification, etc.


6. Professional field test certification.


(1) Security testing of wireless network Cybersecurity

It is applicable to the data security encryption and decryption of Cat. M, nb-iot, LTE, WiFi and other wireless products, software OTA in the air upgrade, patch security and other tests.


(2) testing of satellite navigation and positioning

Performance testing of GPS / BeiDou and other satellite products, such as satellite search speed, number of satellite capture, receiver sensitivity, etc.


(3) Acoustic testing

Product noise, sound quality, HD voice test, sound power test, etc.


(4) CBRS certification of shared spectrum in North America

Citizens broadband radio services is a new communication technology, which is characterized by spectrum sharing. At present, it is mostly used in the United States. Conventional products include flat panel, mobile phone, small base station, etc.


(5) Product RF\OTA\EMC\safety\environmental tesing\SAR\protocol testing, etc


Deeplight Technology is willing to provide independent, professional and economical testing and certification services. Combined with in-depth knowledge of the industry and the understanding and insight of local conditions, to helps our customers gain an advantage in the fierce market competition, maintain competitive advantages, and achieve success in the changeable global market.